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Help for Addictions

posted Oct 10, 2015, 6:20 AM by web feat   [ updated May 1, 2018, 5:26 PM ]

 Sadly, drug addiction has reached epidemic levels across the globe. And despite the fact that Americans make up only four percent of the global population, they still manage to use two-thirds of illegal drugs worldwide - not to mention heavy alcohol use.

And people of faith are not immune. Many families are struggling and suffering as a result. But where does one turn for help?

As some may know, Oxford Second hosts AA for their 7 pm meetings each Sunday and Monday evening in our Chapel. But we are also glad to share other helpful resources as they become available.

DrugRehab.com is an organization committed to providing resources to help those with addictions, as well as their loved ones who are trying to help. It also offers special guidance for people of faith, with information on how to utilize "Faith and Religion in Drug and Alcohol Recovery." 

Their mission is to equip patients and families with the best information, resources and tools to overcome addiction and lead a lifelong recovery. 

They recognize that "you can’t free yourself from drug and alcohol addiction until you understand depression, loneliness, anxiety and other things that push us to substance abuse." To that end, they offer a variety of resources and healthy ways to deal with these basic human emotions, as well as treatment options. 

Resources include help for teens, resources for moms, and information about interventions and various treatment programs. 

AlcoholTreatment.net is another helpful organization, dedicated to helping individuals seek recovery from alcohol addiction. They offer a variety of resources, and useful information about alcohol rehab centers, treatment options, insurance, and more.

Our prayers continue for all those impacted by addictions of every kind.