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Building Restoration Underway

posted Jan 9, 2014, 5:47 PM by Joicy b   [ updated Feb 2, 2014, 3:51 PM by web feat ]

Extensive renovations to our Church and Chapel began recently, and we are already enjoying the benefits.

Work started just before the holidays, and a new concrete floor and vapor barrier has now replaced the old dirt floor of the Church basement, providing usable space and opportunity for expansion.

In addition, new steel columns were installed, replacing the 143-year-old wooden support columns.

Sumps were built, and soon sump pumps, leaders and gutters will be installed to further control moisture and make for a healthier, more comfortable environment in our sanctuary.

Extensive restoration of the Chapel is also scheduled to begin soon. By the end of January, the Chapel will be emptied of all its contents, and contractors will begin large-scale repairs and renovation of the roof supports, ceiling, exterior walls, and windows. We anticipate the Chapel will be closed until the beginning of May or June for this major undertaking, but it is not expected that this work will interfere with any planned Church activities.

As we celebrate 150 years of service in the Oxford community, we are especially excited about the new opportunities this restorative work will provide as we move into the future. Our thanks to all those saints who went before us, and to the many who are working so hard to make this happen. Be sure to check back for updates and more pictures of our progress.

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