Bible Study Tools 

Do you want to read and study the Bible, but don't know where to start? You're not alone!  Or maybe you're looking for some convenient resources all in one place. Below are some handy tools to make it easier.

Daily Devotional offers a beautiful way to center in God's word. Gentle music sets the tone for 5-step process guiding you to pause - listen - think - pray - go.

Word Search Tool

Ever wonder what the Bible says about a particular topic, person, or idea? Ever had trouble finding a special passage? Here's a quick tool to help. Just type in the word or passage in the designated space in the form below, and hit the search button. 

Try it!

Tools for Interpretation:

Here are some links to some other resources that will help in your understanding of the Bible.

  • Bible commentaries (which help explain the Bible);
  • Bible dictionaries;
  • Online Bibles (read and compare verses in different versions of the Bible. Tip: we use the New International Version and The Message.)

Bible Study

Find it hard to get into your Bible on a regular basis? The authors of How to Read Your Bible have created several different Bible reading plans to help you find your way.

If you prefer, you can also listen to the Bible. Just follow the link  and indicate which Bible version and verses you want to hear.

Inspiring Videos

From time to time we come across some great videos, and you can watch them here. 

Free Hymns

Enjoy Music? Here are 3 online sites where you can listen to favorite hymns for free. Some include lyrics and sheet music.

Cyber Hymnal

Inspiration and Encouragement: "Our Thinking vs. God's Promises" 

Feeling discouraged? Often it's our own thinking that gets in the way. Here are some good reminders of all that God promises.

Subpages (1): God's Promises