Why You Can't Give Up

posted Jul 24, 2011, 12:43 PM by web feat
There is a common misconception that if you believe in God, and God really loves you, then life should be easy; you should be spared and protected from all difficulty. Sadly, this misunderstanding can lead to a loss of faith when we're hit with the inevitable hardships and challenges of living in this world. Life is messy, and if we are honest, it is at times difficult and even heart-breaking, even for those who believe and try to faithfully follow.

But while God does not promise us an easy life, he does promise to bring good out of everything for those who love him - even out of our most painful experiences. And He promises to be with us and and never leave us. He promises that even when things seem bleak and hopeless, something good is being born out of it.

With God on our side, how can we loose?

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