What Are You Looking For?

posted Dec 15, 2013, 8:28 AM by web feat
When we think of John the Baptist, we most often remember him as the bold prophet, who went out to share the news about Jesus. We don't often think of him as one who in his final days had a serious question for Jesus:
“Are you the One we’ve been expecting, or are we still waiting?”

And Jesus had an answer. He told his disciples, 
“Go back and tell John what’s going on:
The blind see,
The lame walk,
Lepers are cleansed,
The deaf hear,
The dead are raised,
The wretched of the earth learn that God is on their side.
“Is this what you were expecting? Then count yourselves most blessed!” 
(Matthew 11:2-14, The Message)

We all have questions, we all have times of doubt. Jesus may not always act in ways that we expect or understand, or according to our timing, but He is indeed what we are waiting for!

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