Please - Fix It, Lord!

posted Jul 1, 2012, 3:58 PM by web feat
We all have times of desperation; times when we are at our wit's end, when hopes seemed dashed, when we have exhausted all our options. All options, that is, but one: turning to Jesus for help.

Such was the case as Jesus traveled with his disciples. He no sooner set foot on land than a leader of the community came to him, begging Jesus to come and save the life of his dying young daughter. And as Jesus made his way to the man's house, surrounded by crowds of people, he was approached by a woman who had been sick for many years, equally desperate and frantic for Jesus' help. For both the man and the woman, Jesus was their only hope. And he did not disappoint.

Jesus is our hope as well. But why wait until we're desperate to seek him out?

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