Offering Our Gifts

posted Jan 8, 2012, 3:31 PM by web feat   [ updated Jan 8, 2012, 3:50 PM ]
For many, once the packages are unwrapped, the decorations taken down, and the new year rung in, Christmas is done. We're ready to move on. But Jesus' birth was only the beginning as the world began to unwrap what it all meant. Some, like King Herod, reacted in fear. Others, like the wise men, reacted with awe. They traveled far, following the star to meet him, worship him, and share their gifts.

With Christmas falling on a Sunday this year, we took seriously the question, "whose birthday is this, anyway?" We  asked the question, "what do WE want to give Jesus this year; what do we think he might want from us?" Today as we celebrated communion, reminded of Jesus ultimate gift to us, we read some of the letters shared, and dedicated ourselves anew. 

It's not too late - what do you think Jesus would love to receive from you? What will you give to the one who gave it all for you?

The message for January 8th is now ready for download. 
See some of the "gifts" shared in the slideshow below...