"Now, Be Honest..." (More on Prayer)

posted Oct 24, 2010, 2:41 PM by Oxford Second
In this week's message, we continue our discussion about prayer. In Luke, Jesus shares another story about prayer, this time about two men praying in the temple. One is a genuinely good man, but swallowed up in pride, and focused more on himself than on God. The other is a man with a genuinely bad past, but he knows it and owns up to it. Amazingly, in his humility and shame, he is more teachable and reachable than "the good man," and Jesus tells us that it is HE -- not the good man -- that goes home "right with God."

We all want to be "good people." We all want others to think well of us. But in the end, there is only one we need to please -- God. Could it be that it is in our brokenness, not our noble deeds, that we are most open and available to God?

The message for October 24th is now ready for download.