No One Left Out

posted Feb 12, 2012, 2:39 PM by web feat
Have you ever felt like the "outsider looking in" - the one who's different, that folks just "don't get?"   We jokingly say, "I felt like a leper" to describe those uncomfortable feelings, often thinking we're the only ones that ever feel that way. So it may surprise you to know that everyone feels that way sometime in their life. And some of those who seem the most confident and who treat you the worst? They may be suffering from it even more than you.

We have a God who understands our need to be both unique and accepted, our need to be loved and to feel we belong. He is the one who never leaves our side, the one who loves and accepts us unconditionally, the one who is determined that NO ONE is left out.

The message for February 12th is now ready for download.