Never Give Up!

posted Jun 10, 2012, 2:35 PM by web feat
No matter where we are in our faith journey, we all have times when we feel battered, beaten down and demoralized by the troubles and challenges we face. But no matter how hard things get, we always have reason for hope. As the Paul wrote the Corinthians:

"Even though on the outside it often looks like things are falling apart on us, on the inside, where God is making new life, not a day goes by without his unfolding grace...There's far more here than meets the eye. The things we see now are here today, gone tomorrow. But the things we can't see now will last forever."
From 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

No matter what life throws you, never give up! God has good plans for you, and will always be by your side.

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