Lord, Have Mercy!

posted Sep 12, 2010, 3:31 PM by Oxford Second
We live in strange times, where many seem to see themselves without fault, while others seem to be without a conscience -- almost gloating over their bad deeds! It seems we've worked so hard on building "self esteem" in our culture that we are quickly losing our understanding of right and wrong. Shame can be crippling, but if we can't own up to our bad behavior, how can we become the people God created us to be? How can we value God's mercy and forgiveness, and be used by Him to give others hope?

Paul provides a very different picture. He readily admits he was the worst of sinners -- "Public Sinner Number One." And yet God had great mercy on Paul, and uses him even today to show God's mercy and love.

We're sinners, too, much as we hate to admit it. And awareness of this is a gift -- especially if it points us to God.

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