Letting Go of Worry

posted Aug 11, 2013, 2:24 PM by web feat
No matter how well life is going, it seems that most of us can always find something to worry about! The crazy thing is, it's estimated that at least 98% of the time, worry is a total waste of time and energy, and serves no useful purpose. And it not only doesn't protect us, it robs us of our peace of mind and can become a serious obstacle to living out our true purpose in life. But how do we tame worry? Is it even possible?

The answer is YES!
  • As with any challenge, the first step is to IDENTIFY it. Name what it is that is making you uneasy, and why.
  • Then let it go, and GIVE IT UP to God. Ask God to take it from you.
  • Next, REPLACE IT WITH GRATITUDE. Shift your thoughts to all that is good in life, and all the ways that God has been there for you and with you. And give thanks for each one.
  • Look for ways to help others and to live for more than for yourself, even in small ways. Trust that WHATEVER YOU CAN DO IS ENOUGH. Then do it!
Worry attacks all of us, but we don't need to let it win or take over. The key is to have a "battle plan" in place, so when worry hits, you know how to hit back!

(Recorded at Oxford Furnace Lake Worship & Picnic.) Click here to listen.