In Times of Trouble

posted May 18, 2014, 3:11 PM by web feat
The Psalmist does't hold back as he shares his deep despair in Psalm 31:
Be kind to me, God—
I’m in deep, deep trouble again.
I’ve cried my eyes out;
I feel hollow inside.
My life leaks away, groan by groan;
my years fade out in sighs.
My troubles have worn me out,
turned my bones to powder.

But neither does he hold back on who he trusts, or about his own weakness:
Blessed God!
His love is the wonder of the world.
Trapped by a siege, I panicked.
“Out of sight, out of mind,” I said.
But you heard me say it,
you heard and listened.

And his advice for each of us in our times of trouble?
Be brave. Be strong. Don’t give up.
Expect God to get here soon.

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