If They only Knew

posted Apr 1, 2012, 2:48 PM by web feat
Do you ever find yourself in one of those "If only" moments -- thinking, "If only I had [ fill in the blank ], life would be perfect!" If so, you're not alone. Many people are convinced that if they just had more money - that dream job - the big home - the fancy car - the perfect spouse or family - etc., etc. - their problems would be over. We love magic bullets and easy answers, and we have our own ideas about what would be the "perfect solutions" to our problems. But very often, we're totally wrong.

Case in point: who wouldn't love to win millions in the lottery? Wouldn't that solve everything? Apparently not, according to those who track the lives of lottery winners. Sadly, very often those huge winnings also result in huge losses, with life worse than before the big win.

People were no different in Jesus' time. They had their own idea of what they needed and what the Messiah should be like. They were there to cheer at the big parade, but when Jesus fell short of those expectations, they were quick to turn on him.

If they only knew what he offered. If they only realized what they were rejecting. But what about you? Do you know?

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