Honest to God!

posted Oct 3, 2010, 1:31 PM by Oxford Second
How comfortable do you feel when you talk to God? Do feel like you can just be straight with Him, and tell Him how you really feel about your life? or do you feel you always have to "be nice," and carefully hide any anger, pain, or unloving thoughts you might be feeling?

We all go though dark times. And as it is with our true friends, the real strength of our relationship with God is measured by the degree to which we can truly speak our minds -- especially during the painful times. In Psalm 137, the Psalmist is at a low point of deep pain. Everything has been stripped from him and his people, and he has become a ridiculed slave in a strange land. He reflects a startling honesty as he cries out his pain to God -- all the more amazing when he is able to follow in Psalm 138 with heartfelt words of total gratitude and thanksgiving.

Loving and worshipping God does not mean hiding our feelings and being dishonest. To the contrary, God is the one with whom we should be MOST honest.

The message for October 3rd is now ready for download.

The video below describes the origins of Amazing Grace, as mentioned during today's service.