Hey - Remember Me?

posted Mar 11, 2012, 2:45 PM by web feat
Be honest...what's your reaction when someone brings up the 10 Commandments? Can you name them all?* (Most of us can't!) Do they make you feel even just a little guilty or uneasy? (If so, you're not alone.) 

Most of us can agree that rules are needed to prevent chaos. Yet most of us humans also have a rebellious streak. We fear that putting God in charge and observing all those "Thou shalt nots" will rob us of control of lives, and the potential fun and freedom that's supposed go with being in charge of our own lives. 

But actually, the reverse is true. Just as God created our world "out of chaos," He is the source of the guidelines necessary to successfully navigate through life. It begins by recognizing and loving God as God, and carving out the time to center in Him, listen to Him, and follow Him. It means being wise enough not to fall for fake gods. And it means learning how to love and value each other. In the end, these laws are not meant to limit us, but rather to set us truly free.

But it starts by remembering that God IS our Lord God.

*Curious to see how you did? Those 10 Commandments can be found here.

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