Fighting Our Fears

posted Aug 13, 2017, 2:45 PM by web feat
Have you ever found yourself in a difficult situation, overwhelmed, anxious, fearful? Our lives can change in an instant, and no matter how we may try to be prepared and wise, no matter how deep our faith, there will be times and situations that rattle us to the core. 

In Mathew 14, we find the powerful story of Jesus walking on water in the midst of a powerful storm. It's a miracle that not only touches his disciples' lives deeply, but also encourages Peter to boldly step out into the water himself. But Peter's eyes are drawn away from Jesus, and suddenly he is mentally as well as physically sinking into the churning waters, until his cry for help brings Jesus to his side to save him.

Our minds can do the same, churning in fear and anxiety. But there are practical ways to re-center, to re-frame our toxic thoughts, and to get our eyes back on our Lord. One that my be helpful is Michaels Hyatt's "7 things to ask when bad things happen." 

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