Fear and Faith

posted Jun 24, 2012, 2:00 PM by web feat
Have you ever noticed how life can be disrupted in an instant? In a well-know story in Mark, Jesus is asleep in the stern when a surprise storm blows in and threatens to sink the boat. The disciples finally wake him in desperation, and does something they never could have imagined. He calms the wind and the sea with 3 simple words: "Quiet! Settle down!" in one translation; "Peace, be still," in another. Either one, surprising -- especially when the wind and the sea instantly obey!

This is the God we worship - a God who can bring us through all the storms of life. So why do we doubt? What do we have to fear?

Storms blow in, and storms blow out. But God is always with us, helping us to weather whatever blows in to disrupt our lives.

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