Do We Even Know What We Have?

posted Aug 5, 2012, 2:34 PM by web feat
Many of us find ourselves running the endless hamster wheel, scampering to get what we think we need to survive. But no matter how hard we try, we can find ourselves dissatisfied and empty, or with the feeling that something is missing in our lives. We may not realize it, but we all have a "God-shaped hole" that nothing but God can fill. And the things we think we need? Most of it, we don't need at all, and some of it may be even making our situation worse. In fact, did you know that in the year 2000, US News and World Report shared that nearly half of the countries of the world lived on what Americans spend in a year just on plastic trash bags?

Sadly, most of us don't even know what we have: a God who loves us, and who is the answer to our deepest hunger and need.

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