A Faith So Strong

posted Oct 28, 2012, 3:37 PM by web feat
As this message was being prepared and shared, the East Coast was preparing for a serious storm unlike any other recorded in history. This storm has already taken a number of lives, and will impact many lives in ways not fully known. And New Jersey seems to be in the bulls eye. But one thing is known: the God who created us - who throughout history has calmed the waters, healed the sick and raised the dead - is with us always, hearing our prayers.

In this lesson, we hear of a blind man who asks for the gift of sight. And in an instant, his sight is restored, and he follows Jesus for the rest of his life.

Answers to our prayers may not always come so quickly or so simply. But we can trust that our faith is well placed, and we will always receive just the right answer at just the right time.

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